If ye Love Me

If ye love me keep my commandments John 14:15 (kjv). If you have spent any time in a Christian Sunday school or Baptist Training Union (I am really telling my age now) you have probably heard this simple verse many times. It is a very simple verse but not too easy to understand when you consider the deep-rooted implications.  I love my mother and father; however, I did not always keep their commandments and precepts.  I did not always honor my parents with my behavior. The Scripture states that if ye love me keep my commandments and the implication from that is that your obedience provides honor.  If your disobedience cause harm and dishonors the one you say you love: what kind of love is that?  What is the reason for your disobedience?  Do you disobey the things you know is right (apostasy) simply because you want to satisfy your selfish desires?  What can of love is that?  At the very least, be truthful if you can handle the truth (I got that from the movie).  How can an individual habitually hurt and dishonor the one they love.  If you love your parents, obey their commandments.  Honor thy mother and thy father!