Three White Ladies

On this past Wednesday (16 Sept) when I got off from work it seemed like a normal time.  I left work. Walk the block to the rail station, took the escalator down to the rail, waited for the blue train, got on the train, found a seat, sat down and tried to take a nap. Normal. But there was something that was not normal for this train ride home. There were three grey hair elderly white ladies with large luggage talking about the great time they had the past couple of days. Disturbing my naptime.  These lades were so energetic that it was weird. These three white ladies spoke about how they had spent a night in a Synagogue sleeping in a large room on cots with complete strangers from all over this nation of various ethnicities, religions, and economic status.  The purpose of the three white ladies for making this trip, walking for American justice.  They were so excited because they had just participated in walk to commemorate 50 years since the Civil Rights march from Selma to Montgomery.  I asked one lady where she was from.  She told me she was from Oregon but had grown up in segregated Alabama so she has witness racism first hand throughout her life.  She also told me she had three Black grandkids.  She mentioned that they had participated in the American Journey for Equality fighting for civil rights for all. She was so excited to have met so many wonderful people over the past few days and to be a part of history.  She had on a blue tee shirt with gold writing. The writing on the front of the tee shirt was, ‘Eugene/Springfield NACCP’. Then she started to talk about all the great things her NACCP was doing in Oregon.  I took mental note that she said her NAACP. 

Then I started to think.  I don’t have a NACCP. I am leaving work from a job that if not for those civil rights workers fifty years ago, I would not have that job.  If not for those civil right workers, like these three elderly white ladies, I would not be able to enjoy the education that was made available for me and my children.  If not for these three elderly white ladies, my children would face limited opportunities to pursue the wonderful ideals expressed in our Declaration of Independence that all men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights: life liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Thank God for these three white ladies.