Lent 2015

Praise the Lord Saints

In respect to the Christian calendar, we as Baptists are about to enter the Most Holiest time for a Christian. As Baptists, we are allowed to determine how we organize and govern our church and we believe in Baptism by full immersion by water to signify a transformation of our lives from a former life of sin and despair to a life of Salvation and Discipleship with Christ. As Christians, we are about to enter the Lent Season. Lent Season begins on Ash Wednesday. In 2015, Ash Wednesday is February 18th. The Lent Season is forty weekdays preceding Resurrection Sunday (not counting Sundays). The Lent Season is a time of personal reflection, penance, and abstinence through fasting. There is no theological commandment to observe Lent. We observe Lent as a way to prepare ourselves for the Most Holiest of Christian days, Resurrection Sunday. It is a personal choice to observe Lent. I am suggesting that each of you make a personal decision to observe Lent by taking an introspective look at how you can individually help to move forward in God’s Kingdom building efforts. As you take this introspective look, I suggest that you consider fasting for forty days (not including Sundays) beginning on Ash Wednesday until Resurrection Sunday. Remove one thing from your diet as a part of your fast. You can remove salt, sugar, no TV after 7:00 pm, sodas, or some other thing that you normally enjoy and indulge. As you make a personal decision to observe Lent, pray that your Holy Father in Heaven will speak to you and give you guidance, strength, courage, prosperity, and increase your talents to help His Kingdom move forward. Individually and collectively we of Agios need prayer. During the Lent season and as part of your personal fast, pray for your family, yourself, and for Agios. We are Agios! The Saints!