Consider the Ways of the Ant

There are readers of this blog that will consider and describe themselves as Christians. So what is a Christian? A very good investigative scientific technique in trying to define an object is to define what it is not. A Christian is not a believer in the Living God. A Christian is not a believer that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. A Christian is not a believer in the Crucifixion. A Christian is not a believer in the Resurrection of Jesus by His Holy Father. To be a believer is not a Christian. It is a fact that satan (I do not capitalize the ‘s’ on satan as that gives him too much respect) is a believer in the Living God. In fact without doubt satan and his followers know that God exists and that Jesus the Christ is His only Begotten Son. To say that you are a believer is not saying much more that what satan, his minions, lackeys, toadies, and sycophants would say. The two-dollar definition of a Christian is a disciple of Jesus. A disciple is a follower in the teachings of the Teacher. In summary, a Christian is a follower in the teachings of Jesus Christ--our Teacher.

This is very good. We now understand what it means to describe ourselves as a Christian. Let us now try to make this teaching more practical. In our personal lives and even in our church lives; does the teachings of Jesus that is eternally documented in the Scriptures teach us how we should act when dealing with each other in the church, in our professional and personal relationships, with our families. I know about the teachings about love but if we are not careful we can be so nonchalant or flippant in applying the teachings of love. I am looking for something more practical. Well, just for a second let us go back to our scientific method—defining what something is not in trying to define what it is. Our relationships should not be like crabs. These crab creatures are extremely strong and capable of climbing great distances. Crabs are definitely capable of climbing out of a simple crab basket with no lid. However, I have never seen a crab basket filled with live capable crabs with a lid to keep the crabs in the basket. Crabs keep other crabs in the crab basket by pulling them back down as a crab reaches the top. Crabs do this continuously without discrimination. Crabs pull other crabs down because they are crabs. As Christians, do we find ourselves or our churches in the proverbial crab basket? Is there so much discord in our churches that we are unable to honor and glorify God with our actions—by acting like crabs. Is there so much discord in our churches that we are unable to help each other climb out of the proverbial crab basket? Do we find ourselves in this predicament in spite of the fact that our God has bestowed upon us enormous individual talents that when used collectively would allow us to remove ourselves and our families from the perpetual crab basket?

I think our Teacher, Jesus, has provided us with a practical lesson. In Proverbs 6:6 you will find theses words: “Go to the ant thou sluggard, consider her ways, and be wise.” Our God has provided each of us with skills and abilities that when used individually and collectively will allow us to accomplish great things in the name of Jesus. To be sluggard is to be lazy. We must be careful not to be lazy in developing and using the skills and abilities our God has provided us. Maybe we should watch less TV. Maybe we should read and study more. Maybe we should rise early to get started on our way so we are available to take advantage of opportunities. How many hours of TV do you watch per day? Would you prefer to watch your TV than spend time reading with your child, talking with your spouse, meditating with the Holy Spirit? And now find yourself in the proverbial crab basket in the relationship with your spouse, find your child in the proverbial crab basket by under performing in academics, under performing professionally that is having a detrimental economic impact on your family? While at the same time, you do not have time to take your child to the library during the week and even on Saturday to try to instill in them a love for learning and stimulate their learning. Is the TV the baby sitter for your children on Saturday? Then after 18 years of watching TV all day on Saturday and numerous hours during the week, we are concerned because Johnnie is not doing well on his SOLs. Johnnie has skills and abilities. But because we are sluggard, in our duties, Johnnie does not develop to his full potential and we find our children in the proverbial crab basket. What about the church? Is Sunday your day of the LORD’s Day? Your church will never reach it’s full potential unless you stop being a sluggard and consider the ways of the ant and be wise. An ant is always busy doing their assigned job to the best of their abilities. As a result, the ant colony never is without shelter and food. Why is it that God’s Kingdom is not providing Him with the Glory as He intended in spite that Christians have enormous resources, skills, and abilities? I will suggest we are being sluggard. I will suggest that we as Christians, disciples of Jesus the Christ, follow His teachings--consider the ways of the ant and be wise!