God did you make a mistake?

I wonder if some of us feel that God make mistakes. I, like most of us know and understand that God loves us. We believe that God gave His only Begotten Son to die a horrible death nailed on that old wood by rugged nails. We believe and understand that it was not the nails that kept Jesus on that wood but His Agape love for us. We understand that God is all-powerful. But although we believe these facts when we take a look at our lives, when we take a look in the mirror and see our coarse hair, limp hair, skin tone, lips that are either too thick or not thick enough, nose and other facial characteristics: do you ever think that God has made a mistake. When we look at our social economic status including our prospects on the job, do we some times wonder if God made a mistake? When we look at our bank accounts or the cars we drive and compare our bank accounts to the electric bill do we have the tendency to think that God is playing a trick on us? Did God make a mistake? I want to believe that God made me just the way He wanted me.  That is what I want to believe but sometimes life circumstances make it difficult to translate my beliefs to applicability in my life. To help me understand I went to the only place I could think of: the Holy Scriptures.

The first thing I looked at was the family of Jesus. I noticed that His mother was an unwed teen-age girl from a hard working family of no substantial means. In Jesus’ family tree there was liars, thieves, prostitutes, and people of just bad reputation. Interestingly, Jesus’ family was not perfect just as my family is not perfect. Interestingly, the situation of Jesus’ birth was not the most ideal situation. A claim that many of us can relate to and even experienced. When I look at my family and life's situation, it is not much different from Jesus’ situation. Is it possible that Almighty God is using the earthly life of Jesus as an example for us? To help me understand I continued to search the Scriptures.

For some reason I ended up in Revelations. I thought that this was an odd Book to search for the answers I was looking for. In spite of my hesitation, I continued. I read about John’s vision. I read about the ‘Thousand Years.’ I read about the ‘Defeat of satan.’ I read about the ‘Judgment Before the Great Throne.’ I got to the end of Revelations and thought I must have missed something. Prayerfully, I started at the beginning of Revelation and the Holy Spirit led me to Rev 2:7. There you will find an interesting concept, overcoming or depending upon the translation conquering. In this verse it states the to the one who overcomes God will grant to eat of the 'Tree of Life' which is in the midst of the paradise of God. What a powerful Scripture? I think I am on track so I continued with the concept of overcoming.  This led me to 2:11 that states the he who overcomes will not experience the second death. In 2:11 the Scripture teaches that the man that overcomes will get a new name, in 2:17 God provides manna for the overcomer, and in 2:26 he is given authority over all nations. The overcomer is provided with white garments in 3:12 and Jesus promises never to blot out his name from the Book of Life and promises to defend him before His Holy Father. I am getting a Spiritual high right about now and feel like I have my answer, but I continue. In 3:21, the overcomer is promise a seat on the Throne with Jesus. There is a promise to the overcomer in 21:7. In this verse God promises to the overcomer to be His God and the overcomer will be His people.

Now I get it. Yes we will have trials and tribulations in this life. However, God expects us to overcome these things. It is obvious to me that God does not make mistakes but He does love overcomes! Be an overcomer and be blessed!