How can I say thank you?

Before my mother passed a few years ago my family would all gather each year at momma’s house for Thanksgiving Dinner. Before we ate we would all gather around in a big circle and each family member would have an opportunity to say what they were thankful for before we prayed. My mom would always tell a story, you could hear the groans from my family as momma got started with her story. Momma would tell how when I was a baby she had to walk in the snow carrying me to the hospital because I had a fever. Every year when momma told that story the snow was higher, the wind colder, and I was a little heavier. I don’t know the actual facts. This is what I do know. I was sick and could not take care of myself. I know that it was cold and that snow was on the ground. I know mom carried me to the hospital and I know how far the old Alexandria hospital on Duke Street was from our house on N. Payne Street. I know that my mom loved me simply because I was her son. I know my mom would suffer to make me better. I want to say thank you momma. I don’t want to say thank you because there is a day called Mother’s Day. I want to say thank you because you loved and cared for me. You loved me before I could love or care for myself. Regardless of the circumstances of your birth, your mother loved you enough to give you life. For that, you should say thank you. Well, your relationship with your parents is a parallel to your relationship with the living God. Our God loves us in spite of our unwillingness to serve and honor Him on His terms and conditions. Our God gave us life and instruct us to honor our parents so that our days will be long. Honoring your mother is paramount to honoring God. You can give your mother flowers or candy on Mother's Day and that is very nice. But find time in your life to honor your mother every day of your life because without your mother’s love to give you birth, you would not have a life. Honor the true living God by honoring your mother, each and every day for the rest of your life.