OH What A Beautiful Day

Yesterday was a beautiful day for me on so many levels. The weather was awesome. The skies were a beautiful blue that only God can make happen. The sun shine brightly and the temperatures were mild with light winds. Thursday was just a beautiful day. I looked at foliage and noticed how the bulbs were starting to bloom and turning greener by the day. I noticed the creeks are full flowing strong and fast. But what really made my day a great day was spending time with my nephew. He’s a Trojan alumnus with a degree in accounting. He’s an entrepreneur with great expectations for the future. My nephew and I talked about marriage. We talked about leadership: political, military, personal, and business leadership. We talked about being an uncle. We talked about the importance of an uncle to ensure nephews and nieces are secure and are able to grow up confident. We talked about books. Simba gave him a book titled ‘Heaven is Real.’ I mentioned that a friend at work has turned me on to a book titled ‘The Gift of Being Yourself.’ As you can clearly see my day was great. My nephew and I talked about Kingdom Building. We talked about how important it is for you to live a life that brings Glory to God. We talked about how that concept has been lost among the older generation. And because it is lost among the older generation, how can the younger generation learn a better way? We talked about how satan has fooled us into believing that family is not important. We talked about how satan has convinced us that we should satisfy every whim of fleeting happiness that our feeble minds can imagine. We talked about how satan has fooled us into believing that political is more correct than Holiness. I am proud of my nephew and love him dearly. It is refreshing to have such a deep intellectual conversation with a young man. I have confidence that our young will save our younger ones even in spite of the older generations foolish belief in the father of lies, the master deceiver: satan.

(For the record I do not capitalize the ‘s’ on satan. That is giving him too much respect)