Two days ago I had to go to the post office to send some business correspondence by priority mail. During my lunch break I went to the post office near my job in a small town called Buckeystown, MD. I like driving to Buckeystown because it is a small rural farming town. I love the scenery of acres of farmland and barns. Buckeystown reminds you of Mayberry but Mayberry is actually probably bigger than Buckeystown. As I drove down the streets of the town I looked to the side and noticed the vast farmland and animals grazing in the fields. I looked down a side street and noticed the stick houses (that’s what I call them). The houses are very narrow, long, and one story that sits on four blocks of concrete. I said to myself it must be nice to live a simple life in a simple town. Suddenly I noticed about half way down the block on the left hand side there were two big red confederate flags. The flags were blowing lightly in the wind and seemed larger than the house. I thought about the confederate symbol on the flags and wondered if my children or I could live in peace in this simple town. I didn’t see in any persons that suggested or projected any ill thoughts towards me. Matter of fact, whenever I met people in Buckeystown they have always treated me with respect. It was the symbol of the confederacy that gave me paused. So I started to think: what does symbols say about us? What is the meaning of various symbols?  I thought about the raised black fist accompanied by the word ‘Black Power.’ What does that symbol of a raised black fist say to a person of Hispanic ethnicity? What does it say to a person of the Caucasian persuasion? What about the Nazi symbol?  What does the Nazi symbol say to persons of color? Eventually, I thought about the symbol of the Christian Cross? What is the meaning of the Christian Cross? First, let me say that the meaning of the Cross is constant to all that view it. It’s meaning will not change due to your ethnic group membership or any other earthly quality. The Christian Cross is a symbol of God’s love for you and me. God’s love cannot be earned. It is freely given to us by God is spite of all of our shortcomings. We fail to understand the meaning of the Christian Cross. If we understood its meaning we would not hesitate to follow God’s plan for our lives. If we understood the meaning of the Christian Cross we would not delay giving our lives to God. Some of us delay in submitting to God because we feel unworthy. Some of us delay in submitting to God because we feel we need to correct some things in our life before we come to Christ. We want to come to Christ but we smell like smoke so we delay. You need to understand what the symbol of the Cross means. The Cross represents God’s love for you. You can’t earn God’s love. You can’t buy God’s love. You can’t do good deeds to be awarded God’s love. You have God’s love regardless of your skin tone, manner of speech, sexual orientation, political persuasion, regardless of your guilt for any sins, or ethnic heritage. God loves you and that will not change! The symbol of the Christian Cross means love!