Funeral to Birth

I don’t know about you but I love music and dance. I especially like ballet and modern dance. It has often been said that basketball players are the best athletes in the world. I disagree with that assessment. I think dancers are the best athletes. I am amazed at how dancers are able to move with such grace and strength. I like all kinds of music. I like some rock and roll. I like some country and western. I like old school soul. Don’t you remember Frankie Beverly and Maze. I will always move with a groove when I hear Silky Soul or Southern Girl. Yeah man! I like old school rap. I remember the Chilites when they would sing ‘Oh Girl or when they would rap to the song ‘Have you Seen her’. The rap for Have You Seen Her go something like this. ‘One month ago today I was as happy as a lark but now I go for walks to the movies maybe to the park. And have a seat on the same old bench to watch the children play. You know tomorrow is their future but for me just another day. They al gather around me. They seem to know my name. We laugh tell a few jokes but it still doesn’t ease my pain. I know I can’t hide from the pain though day after day I tried. I keep saying she be back but today again I lied’. That’s rapping! I do not like hip hop rap. I have a mother and grandmother. I have five sisters. I have three daughters and two granddaughters. How can I like music that is mainly nothing but cussing and degrading to women?  I have heard the argument that hip hop rap is more about the beat and not the words. I don’t believe that. There is an evil message in hip hop rap. I do like Christian rap. Some older Christians do not like Christian rap because of the beat. Some younger Christians only like it because of the beat. I like Christian rap because of the message. The beat is nice and if you are not careful you may think you are listening to hip hop. But then you miss the rap. There is a message in Christian rap that is powerful. Lately, I have been listening to a Christian rapper named Flame. As he tells it he hails from the slums of St. Louis. I don’t like the word slum to describe where you live. It is only a slum if the people living there treat it as such. Let’s just say he hails from an economically disadvantage neighborhood in St. Louis. Flame raps a song called ‘Funeral to Birthday.’ I loved the beat but did not fully understand the rap. Without understanding the rap, I was missing the message. So to understand the rap, I asked my son. He was actually the one that turned me on the Christian rap. My son explained to me that Flame in the rap Funeral to Birthday, Flame was rapping about his death to his old life before he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior and his rebirth in Christ! I went WOW! I get it! Don’t you get it! When you truly find Jesus your old self dies and you become a new creature in Christ! We often think that at a person’s funeral we remark that the person has gone on to a better place. This is a true statement. It is also true that when you truly find Jesus, you have a better place right here on earth, your funeral to birthday. In the teachings of Jesus He taught us in John 3:3 ‘Jesus answered him, truly, truly, I say to you unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.’ Commit to a life of honoring Jesus in everything you do! Commit to a life of Holiness! Be born again! From funeral to birthday! Happy birthday to you all! Hallelujah!