Worrying too much

After Holy Father in heaven raised His only Begotten Son from the dead on Resurrection Sunday, Jesus spent the next 40 days on earth. During these 40 days, Jesus appeared before His disciples several times to instruct them on how to carry out His teachings. Ascension Day is on Thursday, May 29, 2014. Today, there are not many celebrations or acknowledgement during the 40 days after Jesus’ Resurrection. On Ascension Day, Jesus took His disciples to the Mount of Olives where they watched Him ascend into heaven. So what now? I think we should be mindful of this period and maybe renew our focus on the teachings on Jesus. Maybe we should do just as Jesus did with His disciples. We should concentrate on His teachings. During this time I think we should do a men’s retreat to try to commit ourselves to the teachings on Jesus. I will provide more on the men’s retreat later. I remember when my cousin use to work for the railroad as a brakeman. That was a good job for him. He made big bucks and got to travel all over the country. He tired to explain to me the responsibilities of the brakeman. One of his responsibilities was to monitor the track for debris. He told me that he hated to travel at night when the moon was full. I thought that was weird and asked him why. My cousin explained to me that when it was dark there were no shadows across the tracks. But when there was a full moon, trees and other things not on the track would cast a shadow on the track and make him think that there was something on the track to fear. These were only shadows but they caused great fear for my cousin. We spend a lot of energy fighting and being afraid of shadows. I wonder if any of you can think of any reasons why fret and worry are sinful? I can think of a few. Fret and worry waste valuable time. It is somewhat amazing how we worry about things that never happen and while in this frenzy over worry; how can we be prepared to serve in any serous Kingdom building efforts. We can’t because we are concerned only about our perceived problems. Fret and worry is wrong because it gives pain to your family and friends. Your worrying spoils relationship building time with your children, significant others, siblings, children, and the list just go on and on. I have one final reason why fret and worry is wrong; it is painful to our Heavenly Father. It is written that ‘As the days so shall thy strength be’, My Grace is sufficient for thee’. (Deut 33:25; II Cor 12:9). Use the power of the Resurrection to do good and to honor our Lord and Savior. Fret and worry does not honor our Savior and it focuses on us too much.