There is a story of ancient mythology about Ulysses and the Winds. In this mythical story, Ulysses departed from the Aeolian Islands. Upon his departure Ulysses given by the god Aeolus, the god of winds, all the adverse and stormy tempest and winds that might adversely affect him. These winds and storms were all tied up in a bag that Ulysses guarded every moment. Ulysses boarded a ship to sail home. The sailors noticed how Ulysses closely guarded the bag. This led the sailors to think that Ulysses was guarding valuable treasure. When Ulysses fell asleep one day, the sailors took the bag from under his head and opened it. Immediately out rushed all the winds and storms creating a mighty tempest for the ship, its crew, and passengers. Although the ship had been in sight of home, the mighty tempest beat the ship back to its starting point. The folly of foolish curiosity is foolish. There are some tied up bags in our lives that should remain tied up. Opening those bags will not aid you in your quest to arrive at the destination that God has in store for you but will just create a mighty tempest that sets you back. It is our duty to be watchful. Being a Christian does not mean that you should be engaged in foolish things. As Christians, we have the duty of watchfulness against evil. We all have some bags with winds and storms inside of them. Releasing those winds and storms will open up the possibilities of evil. This evilness will beat us back from our goals. No excuses! Don’t be careless! Do not forget to watch! Do not fall asleep on the bag of winds! What I say unto you I say unto you all, watch (Mark 13:37).