Resurrection Sunday

Happy Resurrection Sunday!

Early on the third day, Holy Father in heaven raised His only begotten Son from the dead. Upon raising Jesus from the dead, He placed all power in His hand. The same power that Holy Father gave Jesus upon His Resurrection, you have also. You have the power to overcome all the adversities encountered in this life. To deny the Resurrection is to deny the awesome power that exists for your use. Do not be despaired by this life. Do not live in fear. Do not waste time complaining about things you have no control over. Use the power that Holy Father has given you on things in which you have some control. Conduct yourself with the assurance that Jesus is alive and well. Be confident in the fact that you have in Jesus an intercessory providing a bridge directly to Holy Father to provide you with all the tools you need to accomplish great things in this life. Boldly go forward and do well. You have the power!