Maundy Thursday

Praise the LORD Saints,

During this Most Holy Week and Most Holy day we are especially pleased to Praise the LORD! This is Maundy Thursday. The name ‘Maundy Thursday’ is derived from the Latin word mandatum meaning "commandment." As we have been taught at Agios, one of the commandments for Christians is the Eucharist or Holy Communion. On Maundy Thursday we as Christian observe with solemn holiness the Last Supper of Jesus before his betrayal, trial, and Crucifixion. A primary Commandment in observing the Eucharist is when Jesus humbles Himself to wash the feet of his Apostles prior to the traditional Passover meal also known as Seder. At the seder Jesus commands His disciples: ‘Love one another as I have loved you (John 13:34).’ In observing this Commandment to love another, the act of feet-washing is performed. 

As a community of Faith we should love one another. This is not just some type of cliché that we all can agree with the words. But is a Commandment from Jesus to love the Saints. The word love is a verb and any third grader knows that love is an action word. Take action, love one another!  This Commandment to love applies to those who follow Jesus, also known as Disciples. Are you a follower of the teachings of Christ? Are you a Disciple? If you are a Disciple of Jesus, do not fall into deficient discipleship: distant disciple, empty disciple, trifling disciple, drifting disciple, alibi disciple, straddling disciple.


Be strong and of good courage! Try your best to be the best Disciple of Jesus Christ that you can be. Strive to improve and grow in your Discipleship. Much love to you all.