Bible Study: Proverbs 31




When studying the Bible it is important to keep a few points in mind. 1. Study in the spirit and not in the flesh. Try to pray before studying the Bible to put aside the cares of this world and ask the LORD God to allow His Word to speak to your heart and not your mind. 2. Understand the context in which the Word of God was written. 3. Keep in mind that English is the most imprecise language in the world. As the Word of God is translated into many different languages there is some lost in the initial meaning because of the use of the English word resulting in an imprecise translation. Example, have you ever ask one of your Hispanic friends or associates how to say an English word in Spanish and the person informs you that there is no word in Spanish for that particular English word? But your Hispanic friend/acquaintance advises you to use this Spanish word instead because it is close. That is exactly what happens with Bible translations. Especially when you translate from a very precise language like Latin to an imprecise language like English. We need to keep these points in mind as we move forward in our Bible studies. I will bring forth other considerations as warranted.   Our Bible study begins with Proverbs 31. Your assignment, please read the entire 31 chapter. Use an English dictionary to understand any English words you come across where the English definition may be hazy. This chapter focuses on the advice a mother gives to her son, the King, on the characteristics of the woman he should look for as he chooses his wife. This chapter refers to the virtuous woman. In ancient Israel, the Book of Proverbs is called Wisdom Literature. Israeli wise men (Chakamin) composed and used Proverbs to provide practical teachings to the young children of Israel on how to live a prosperous life. These wisdom counselors were often responsible for the major operation of government and held positions of great prominence in the community. These wise counselors blessed the land of Israel by their teachings. It is very possible that we will bless our land by understanding and applying these wisdoms to our lives just as it did for ancient Israel.   The practical applications of this chapter are three-fold. 1. To teach our young men what characteristics of the woman they should look for as they consider marriage. 2. To teach our young woman the characteristics they should develop before marriage. 3. To teach our older woman the characteristics they should focus on for improvement in their marriage and their personal as well as professional lives.