Laudate Dominum!

Agios is Greek for Holy fundamentally meaning consecrated.  Agios Baptist Community of Faith is a Holy church.  Agios is not Holy because we are good or because ofanything we have done, we are Holy because Jesus Christ the only Begotten Son of the One true Living God went upon that rugged cross and endured sufferings beyond my wildest imaginations but in spite of it all my Lord and Savior refused to come down.  Jesus stayed up on that old rugged cross until His death toreconcile us back to His Father.  Jesus trusted His Father to raise him from the dead early on that Third Day and because of His Resurrection, we have a chance for Salvation.  It is because of Jesus that Agios Baptist Community of Faith exists. 


We are Agios not because of ourselves but because of the Agape Love of Jesus the Christ.


Our Motto: Laudate Dominum which means 'Praise the Lord'

Agios is a 501(c)3 religious organization